The Return to Gor

Vylixan sits at his desk in his office as he opens his book of memories.  It’s a new book and the pages are empty.

He writes down…


As it is my first Entry Lets do a quick tour.. 


Stranded on Gor, never knew this could exist, educated by great teachers in the knowledge and customs of Gor.  As the story continues I found out that not everything was taught. I still miss a lot of things about the relations between the Free Man and Free Woman, the Free Companionship. And slaves…  yes I am human and not born on Gor.


Having this said I traveled to a great City… Pravus, the Jewel of the Desert.  Great people lived there and the accepted me as their own.  Explorer and Scribe that is what I was, an underestimated function, but I liked it.  In the Function I traveled around Gor searching for opportunities for trading or do missions that where not recorded.  I met a nice Lady there who was to become my FC. It had to be a good life. Nice people, especially dark figure that I helped building the tunneling system below the city and a bunch of scribes that where born workaholics.


Thinks went different as the City felt under siege.  Although I was just a humble scribe, men become warriors if the city is in danger.  The siege lasted for many days until our defenses crumbled and the gates fell… The city was overrun by the attackers and fires where everywhere. Many died in the last hours and only a few escaped. The last remaining people where gathering in the secret tunnels below the city.  


I knew I had to call in the Tarn and fly out to safety, but the risk of being shot down and die for nothing was to the reality. Instead of up, I went down. There in the halls of a secret passage beneath the city.  A new future was born, I stumbled in to a grey, a green and an other blue.  Only the smartest and bravest survive he said.  The family was born.  He, Ranger is his name has now two daughters.  The Blue Lady Emuna and Green Lady Izzy, and I … I have something special now that I have much to learn about.  My intended is Emuna, the Blue Lady…  As I helped building the escape route we could avoid the traps and Thank to Rangers knowledge about the rest we made it out of the burning city and traveled to the city that we now live in. I found a new goal in life, protecting the Family and my intended.  I might have made it alone with the Tarn, but I am glad that I went down.  I have a family again, and a new life.


He closes his eyes and rest the quill whole he sees the cruel battle again… Bodies with arrows…  Slaves were being taken away and Free Woman being raped and enslaved…  No one said Gor was fair. Blood and fire everywhere, he did not even have a single arrow left and grabbed his sword from the body of the enemy in front of him.  When he dived into the tunnels he did not say a thing…  Only one question…  why? As this was not what has been taught.


He writes down the last sentence on the page.. 


A new day, a new beginning, the future lies ahead.



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  1. *waviing* Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

  2. Thank you. Never expected it though 😀

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