Lost and Found

Vylixan has returned to his office tired and sad and also happy. He walks to his private servery and grabs some water. Then he sits back behind his desk, takes his diary and starts to write…

What should I say; I don’t have much luck with slaves and female personal it seems. The Magistrate that the Lady Physician requested me to take under my wings is gone. I knew she had some back-story but I did not know it was that bad. After a few days just before we could make the plan final to visit other cities to see their law system, I received a sealed scroll.

The scroll stated that the holder of the note is going to be responsible for the Lady Magistrate to teach her a few lessons. Normally I would put aside such a note and just laugh about it, but not this time as it was written by the person who put her under my wings in the first place. I could not refuse such a written and sealed request. I had to release myself as her protector and let her be taken away by the man who had the note.

Again I lost a Magistrate who could have helped me with my work. Again I felt lost as again there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening. The Priest Kings must be having some reason to torture my soul every time I take a step forwards.

He stops writing, drinks some water and stares outside the window. He stands there for some time and then he continues to write

Well that was one thing. The other thing that happened a few days after that, was an event that was not good but was needed in some way. While standing on the bridge mumbling about my lost Magistrate, my dear sister in law showed more or less that it was my fault that she was gone now. As she loves to pick on me all the time and always balance just on the edge without going over it. I could not stand it any longer

When lots of events are happening and can’t blow of steam then it only takes a little push to let it explode and that happened. At that moment I just wanted to get rid of them all. Just to be alone and find piece. Only I oversaw the fact that my intended is stronger that it seemed she was. She ran off and took the first ship out of town. My sister in law was of course very angry and her Father too. When I heard she left I still felt something inside me that wanted her back

I had to find out where she went. What she did not know was that a lot of captains report runaways to the Magistrate of a City. That is me in this case. I used up a lot of favors and spend a lot of coins to gain the information of where she was. And a day ago I finally receive the info I was waiting for. She was still on a ship docked in the harbor. The crew had left and would return the next day.

It had a very fast sailing ship laying in the harbor and when I boarded it , we sailed quickly towards the harbor where she would be. There the ship was waiting till I would have returned, alone or with company

He looks around in his office, he loves it. He thinks back at the dark ship he went on not sure what to find.. Then he returns to his writings.

I entered the ship that should have her somewhere. And searched it all, the ship was abandoned. The only place I did not look was the Captains Cabin. I could hear that some one was inside. Instead of smashing the door I decided just to knock on it. A voice whispered to enter and I recognized the voice as it was hers.

This time I did smash the door and entered the room with my sword drawn only to find it empty except the Lady I searched for. I only gave her one option. I tossed a coin and said “head or tail” she made her choice as she had gambled that I would go after her and find her before any one else would. I brought her back home where we talked. She will not run away anymore. As she knows now what she already knew in her heart, I do love her.

He lays down the quill and closes the diary.  He opens the draw and looks at a nice shiny piece of metal with a lock. He smiles as he knows that it can stay in the draw as a reminder to women who tries to be renegade runaways. He empties his mug with water and stands up. It is time to go home as she is waiting for him there.

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