The Docks: Dawn… Tyros * Dusk… Telnus.

Dawn… The Docks of Tyros.

Shadows are moving on the docks as the large transport vessel arrives and opens its hatches. Out at the Thassa a guarding galley lays silent in the water fully armed and ready to strike when needed. A second almost identical one is laying almost next to the transporter guarding it while at the deck strange dark skinned men with scimitars and short bows take their strategic positions. A cityslave wandering on the docks waiting for her Master to return from fishing sees the movements and runs to the slums where it is stopped by a man.

“Come here ” says the man dressed in a kilt and with long black hair while pointing at her. The slave almost got a heart attack when He spoke to her “Yes Master “ she says softly and scared to the Chief Magistrate as she recognises his face. “Guide these two men and find my sister, she will be ready to leave by now, these two men are her guards” The Magistrate says and then the Magistrate smiles to the girl .”Go now”.

The girl and the two men dissapear towards the citygate and dissapear into the city while the gate closes. Then the Magistrate waves his arm towards the buildings in the slums. While the early beams of the sun hit the streets of the slums , slaves appear with boxes , bags and carts loaded with goods moving towards the transporter vessel in the harbour. The scarlets guarding the city see it happening but they look the other way as they have been payed well to do so.

He stands In the middle of the slums giving orders and directions towards the slaves, workers and men working for him. He smiles as he sees the progress that is being made and whispers softly. “Sometimes you have to hurt and be hurt to grow stronger although you don’t want to hurt.” A slave looks up wondering what the Master means but he is pointed to move on. A steady stream of goods that slowly dies out in to a few remaining people carrying the last things is moving towards the docks and into the ship. Then the large transport vessel leaves the bocks and heads to the open sea. In its place a smaller vessel reaches the docks waiting for its cargo.

The silence returns and the sun raises higher, the noises from the city become louder as the city wakes up. The Magistrate stands as a rock in the middle of the slums with a few of his warriors nearby. Now that they are shown in the light you can hear slaves who are peeking from the buildings in the slums whispering “Taharians… Nomads….. Warriors of the Sand….” The Man in the middle looks up to the sky and says “Any ihn now, stand ready.“ Then the large heavy brigde is lowered and the gates sway open as the city reveals its beauty trough the gates.

The man waits as the slave arrives followed by a young woman dressed in blue and guarded by two fierce warriors. When they meet in the slums the man speaks. “Tal My sister, you have everything ? Then we move. “ The lady nods and yes “Tal my brother all is packed and shipped ” and walks with grace towards the smaller ship and dissappears in to it . The man waits until she is gone and signals to the men. They quickly retreat to the ships and he himself is the last one to embark the smaller ship while the bigger ships move to the open waters he stands and watchover the docks,slums and city. He whispers “Too many things happend in there , too many nice and too many sad things.. Yes it was best to leave.” Then he nods towards the Captain and the small ship makes it way to teh front of the small fleet and they move out.

Ahns later he sits down with the Captain and with a large map between them on the table , they are discussing where to go . “What would be a suitable place for a Magistrate who left a City because he found that he had no choice for his own honor, believes and way of doing things.”He asks the Captain. The Captain looks at the map and search into his memories then he speaks “Cos , Sir. Cos .. I heard good things about it. You will fit perfectly Sir.” The Magistrate looks at him “Cos… Telnus .. Yes. I saw recomandations from friends. We go there Captain. “ The order is given and soon the whole small fleet moves towards the Isle of Cos.

When the small fleet reaches a small unknown isle near Cos they disembark all and the Magistrate claims it as his personal isle to live on. Then he gives the orders to build a house for him and his sister and all that is needed to support the isle on its own. After that he moves to the small ship and enters it. With the orders given the small ship sails towards Telnus where in the harbour it embarks it cargo of passengers. A few days later the Magistrate stands at the docks, his hands at his back looking over the harbour towards the sea when the sun goes down. He smiles and whispers “I am home”

Dusk… The Docks of Telnus.

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