From the desk of the Magistrate.

From the desk of the Magistrate.
The magistrate sits in his office at the docks, it is a quiet morning with not too much troubles from the night before. In the cages is only one man sleeping away his drunkenness. Form his drawer he takes the small in leather bound diary and starts to write again as he was used to do back in Tyros, before all kind of events made him not to write down his story.

He hears a soft knocking at his door and when he says “Enter please come in” and a slave appears. There are no city slaves in Telnus, only privates, slaves from the slaver, paga slaves and council slaves. He looks at the slave as she asks him if he needs something. While Tyros had an unrealistic large amount of blackwine in stock, Telnus does not have that so he says to the girl “Just bring me some water, that will do”. The girl repeats his demands and vanishes towards the café.

He is now several weeks in the City having a good time, feeling him self at home. He not only has an office at the docks but an apartment in the blue cylinder in the upper city as well. He already met several people, got invitations for counter visits to other places. Especially the Northern territories are attractive for him as coming from the Deep South. He reorganized his trades and acquired an official business license. Slowly everything falls in its correct place and his wealth is increasing as it did back in Tyros with one difference: he does not show his wealth. This time he keeps that a little more hidden. He smiles as he thinks about his old very rich decorated office, he grabs a quill and his diary.

Slaves, he writes, are coming in many different forms, from the worker male slave that unloads and loads the ships till the hot blooded girls in the Tavern. But what makes a slave in his eyes different then all others. What would a slave that I want to have at my side be like? Well, he continues, its not the body that is the most important, of course he wants the body to be nice, but the contents of the mind and soul and heart are far more important.

I saw several slaves already that match my description as being intelligent, independent busy, pro active and with a soul. Slaves were you can talk in-depth with who you can use in your daily business. Those are your personal caretakers to look after you as they feel when you need something. Slaves that are not puppets who only sit and be pretty. So yes they have flaws and that make them alive. Some of the slaves were even used to be High Caste Women. Its idiotic to believe that suddenly they become brainless beings that can’t think.

Well you would say grab one , there must be a lot of them out there. That might be true but it is not. The good ones are hard to find and I am not active looking for one. Does that make me unhappy. No not really , sometime lonely of course but with all the things going on that never takes long and before I know it I am busy with other things and I just use every slave that is nearby when I happen to need one. If they walk there, sit there doing nothing then they can be used. It is of course sometimes teasing to order a slave, when she is busy with a Free Woman.

He smiles when writing it all down, then the slave returns with his water. He looks through the window, sees nothing special at the docks and lets the slave stay for a while to serve him. With a refreshed throat from the water he continues his writing only this time about an event.

A few days before when he found a man in his jail who according to the reports had shot down the Tarn of the Tarn Captain with him on top. Normally a serious offence although to his defense it can be said that the Tarn Captain was doing offensive maneuvers above the harbor and docks. Personally I would have done the same, but I don’t carry a bow with me at the docks. Anyway while preparing the trial several messages came in saying that there was a day of celebrations planned to celebrate the new Ubar. The man who shot down the Tarn is a lucky one as with the day of the celebrations, amnesty for all prisoners was announced. And so began the day with the release of a prisoner who could now join the festivities.

The day passed on with not to many troubles, a few drunken lost sailors from Port Kar, but that was handled fast by the Rarii that were on guard and at least the drunken Captain of Port Kar paid for his stay in Telnus. We should have know it when they arrived. Port Kar and its drunken sailors mean only trouble. The most funny part of the whole festivities was that the docks and the vineyard where transformed to one big tavern. Most free women stayed inside there houses or were drinking tea in a tent placed near the Arena, while the men have a free game in the rest of the city. The festivities ended in the night with an auction of a belted slave for a few hours, I do not know who got her as I had business to attend to at the docks.

He sits back down and lays the quill down, then he closes the diary and puts it away while emptying his goblet with water. He looks at the girl next to his desk and says “Go to the café and prepare some food, I’ll be right over“. While the girl runs of to the café he releases the sailor that was still in his cellblock. The man pays his fine an with a greet he disappears into a alley. Then the Magistrate leaves his office and walks towards the café mumbling “Yes. It is a fine day …”

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