Dead or Alive , The Merchant somewhere on the coast.‏

The wreckage of the raft laid on the shoreline, no human being was found or seen near it , though the raft was not complete, parts where missing. A search was made though the origin of the raft stayed unknown and the consortium never mentioned that they had dumped a man on the rift with a raft and that he had disappeared. Normal life goes on and people took for granted that the raft was washed from a ship without anyone on it.

Miles further on a small island in front of the coast a man washed ashore and the way he looked was horrible. He clothes where torn and he did not look anymore like the sophisticated man he once was. He had a name . Vylixan, a name that had a history and a history that brought him into this situation though he never planned this. He looks around and grins .”Well I am still alive and I guess I am dead for the rest of the world. Lucky and unlucky I am to be here.”

Then he starts to explore the island and he sees the coastal line. “I will stay here a while to recover, if there is something to eat and drink here and then I make my way over. Though I have to plan this right.” he nods and searched the beach to see if there is something useful there. In his seek-outs he finds some bottles and crates, even a crate with clothing and most important he finds a machete, a used one and not that sharp though with the right stones he can sharpen that again.

He continues the life on the small isle by creating a small shelter from wood and tree leaves, the machete was a great help in that and a small campfire. the rest of the days he spend with sorting out the found goods in the creates and preparing a worthy raft from palm-trees.  he already had sorted out the clothing he would wear, nothing would look like the old merchant he once was. he looked more like a craftsman, one that could help the farmers with fixing their gear, to help out a blacksmith or woodworker. Only when you would look into his eyes you would see the different man behind the masquerade.

When he finally had finished the raft, it took time as it had to be a solid one, not a trash one that he was left on when he was dumped on the rift, he took all the gear he had collected , the crates, clothing and peddled to the shore.  He smiled when he arrived. everything he had he hide away in the dense coastal vegetation and he goes out to seek a handcart.  With that and the crates he looked more if he belonged there. In the night he stole a cart , made more scratches on it, dragged it through the dirt and packed it with his goods. Carts where all the same and because ‘his’ cart was not empty none would suspect it to be stolen.

The next weeks he spend traveling from village to village , earning some gold, food, gear and made contacts with the local craftmen and higher caste to gain letters of recommendation. These letters are of a great value as they are the gateway to more work in other villages and cities. He does it the smart way. Instead of claiming who he is and take back the company he used to own and the risk of getting killed this time, he build something new. He still has some things to settle though that will be done in time.

He closes his eyes for a moment while he is fixing a axle of a wagon, something he learned from a wagon builder some weeks ago, and thinks about his list . several high placed people are on that list men and woman, then he checks his pocket and finds a nice piece of rope that reminds him of something else. He then laughs and nods at the owner of the wagon. “It is fixed again good Sir.”  the owner pays him and thinks him for the repairs. Then Vyl goes on the road again.

One thing is in his mind, he took the name ‘Brian’ to be on the safe side and that’s how people address him now.  ‘Brian the handyman’ Together with the papers and experience he has he goes out to find more work and to see if he could build up a network again and to see if a certain Lady is still a free woman or has been persuaded into something else. He grins as he sees the scenes before him that have happened in the past, though as he is now , she would never looked at him if she would walk past him. He walks on dragging the cart with him with a smile.

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  1. I know a certain FW who will be interested to know you are alive and well.

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