On the move to the city.

‘Brian’ moved on to an other city, where he settles in a old shed on the side of the main road. a sign hung from the doorpost ‘Brian’s Handywork’. He grins as slowly work came in. Reparing the door of a barn was one of the easy parts, helping the bower cutting wood for arrows was a different story, though it learned him a lot and the bower learned him how to shoot an arrow at least at a target instead of miles around it. In a way all these little things shaped him a bit different then he was before the “unwanted” events.

Sooner or later he had to face his ghosts of the past and slowly he worked his way to the larger cities. after spending time in this village he moved on to the next. His cart was renewed. it had a roof above it and even a sleeping place inside. No longer he was pulling it but an animal was doing that work. He had gathered coin and respect from the people he had worked for and he was trusted by the locals to work for them, that all made him move further towards the cities.

He was not recognisable as he was before, he did not wear any taharian clothing just a normal low caste workers outfit, suitable for work on land and in a workshop. he still wears the simple machete though its no longer rusty or blunt, its a fine piece of weaponry now , together with a simple long stick it is suitable to hold of any outlaws or wild beasts. On the road he is again and in the far distance he sees the outlines of a large city that is his target, though before  reaching it he will stay some time in the village close by to get familiar with the local laws and habits around the city.

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