The gates of the City.

‘Brian’ came near the city, he noticed how busy it was at the front of the gate and he parked his cart nicely in the row of merchants wanting to go into the city. He grins when he slowly enters the gate, in front of him bags are searched and some people are dragged out of the line by guards. Then finally the guards reach him and on of them demands what he is doing here.”You peasant, state your business.” ‘Brian’ looks at the man and bows slightly.  “I am a humble worker, metal works, wood works, all small repairs I can do.”

He grabs in his pocket and hands over some papers. “These are the recommendations from experienced craftsmen Sir, I have a good reason to be in the City.” The guard looked at the papers, no way he could read it, though it looks official and the guard will not admit he has no clue what the papers are. “Well then, you are not a peasant and you are welcome to the city.” Then he waves at the gate keepers.”let this merchant pass !”

‘Brian’ bows and smiles .”Thank you and have a good guard-time.” Then he moves on with the cart under the stone portal through the gates and into the city. He is in and now he can work more freely, the city is huge and no one knows Brian the handyman. He goes to the lower city and rents a room in the inn there, then he asked around if there is any work for him. There was indeed some small work for him to do and by that he settles down in the city.

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