The Departure from the City

“Brian” had done some jobs for several people and had asked around by doing the jobs the whereabouts of certain people he knew from the past. He found out that some where dead, others vanished and even some enslaved. His network that he used to have was no longer, unknown to the people he found out that even the men and women he had faced and enforced in the past did no longer knew him.  He smiled about that information as it made him safe, though on the other hand it made him sad to know that the phrase “Out of sight, out of heart.” is a true one.

He walks back to the house he had rented and starts to pack his gear, his tools and his possessions into boxes and bags to load all on the cart. He checks the small apartment and locks the door.  He had done all his tasks and was paid well for it by the people and now he went to the building owner to hand over the large key to the apartment and says his farewell.  This city is to big for him, to many people interfering with his business and to many competition for the work he does.

“Brian”pokes the beast pulling the cart and slowly it moves towards the gates of Ar.  he is leaving the city where people live that he has memories of though they have forgotten the Merchant and they will never recognize or want to recognize the man he is now.  The city is to big for long memories the lifespan is too long to remember things form the past for a longer time.  When he passes the gates of the city he sighs from the tension that drops from him and he laughs while the cart slowly moves south.


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