Vylixan – The return.

It has been years since “Brian” had left Ar after a successful stay there as a simple craftsman and by now his one man company has
grown into something larger. Under the radar of the large trade companies, his former company and the consortium he had built slowly on his return. The long lifespan he has, paid off with the years that he needed to grow. Every goldcoin he earned he used to build his network again, former employees with a remorse against the consortium joined his line of small un-important shops gatherin information and getting the coinflow going again.

Every few hands he would gather the rayon-leaders, people that he made responsible over the shops in a certain area, to discuss the
results and to do a good forecast of what has to be done. Lists of consortium and disloyal Fallon trade company people are created,
mercenaries and assassins were hired though were hold on a standby till the day of action would take place. “Brian” or just Vylixan as he was called again during those meetings made a time line of occurring events that would let him strike in a time-frame of a few days. A longer time-frame would bring the operation in danger and a shorter would be impossible.

The people helping him where loyal because they invested in the shops, they owned some of the shops and all wanted to grow. Bringing everything under a single company and eliminating one of the big competitors at the same time is an oppertunity that not many would let go. All are aware that it is not an idea , a brainfart that is gone in a day, no the process takes years of preparations and finally the time has come to strike. A final meeting is planned and a date is chosen. Next moon they will strike.

In the final hands before the strike the orders are given to mercenaries that have to regain control over ships and caravans.
Assassins are given the final targets and time of striking so that in that time frame the leadership of the consortium and his
company are eliminated. In all those preparation months peopel are brought into the companies to work their way up and take over when the time is there. Nothing would stand in the way to take over the traderoutes and regain the power and be back where he belongs.

Vylixan smiles when he gives the final sign. “Brian” does no longer exist and Vylixan has returned the costs of this operation are
huge though every coin is worthy to be spend on the operation. it is an investment that will pay of on the long run. He nods slowly
when the first reports are coming in of peopel suddenly being assasinated, kidnapped, some shops that burn , caravans that are  missing and ships that suddely have a new owner. He gets an even bigger smile on his face as he hears the news that his beloved Saratoga is captured and has no significant damage. He send a return message to bring the ship to the closest harbor and have it waiting for him to return.

In a few days the consortium changed from a large cooperation that conquered the Fallon Trade Company to an integrated part of the same company under a new leadership. His leadership. He nods at the people around him.  “It seems the Company is back on the play-field and has assimilated his former opponent.” He raise his glass. “To the Company” His toast is answered by the people around him that are now the board of directors of the company. Then there is a moment of silence and after that hell breaks loose when all are cheering and yelling. For all those people this success means that they are rich now and successful.

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