Creative Clouds of a Unique Mind (update 3-April-09)

written 03-April-2009

In the distance a tiny lightspot.
Then a flash, blinded by the light.
When the ray of sun hits by supprise..
Darkness all around.
Light is offered and accepted.
In the distance the tiny lightspot.
Is gone…..


written 02-April-2009

Violet is the sky in the evening, becomming black in de night.
Stars shining bright; red, yellow and white.
when you close your eyes and think of the light.
Then you find true beauty in reach, in sight……..


written 01-April-2009

Sand is as the Sea.
Dunes are the waves.
Under the surface there is life.
Both are dangerous to travel.
Both can drown you.
Both can let you dissapear.
And both have terrible storms.
Only when the dusk sets in then there is a difference.
Then the Sea is calm and gentle.
And the sand comes alive.


written 01-April-2009

The night ..
In all its blacknes is full of colors.
Violet when it begins.
Deep Purple when the first stars are there .
And then Black.
With stars in colors of blue, white gold and green.
It is then when the dreams roam the night.
It is then when they find their target.
It is then when I guard.
Weaver of Dreams.
Teller of Stories.
It is then when they come alive.
In the night.
Dreams are Real.

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